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What is ACRI? ACRI is the number one resource for Child safety seat training and accreditation programs. We offer specialised programs for specific workplace environments across Australia. Type 1 or Type 2 child restraint fitter or installation are represented in our national service provider membership.  We are not affiliated with RACV, MYNRMA or ROADWISE in any way.
We offer sustainable tried and tested solutions to any child restraint or car seat exposure or training situation. Retail, Fitter or Community and Workplace solutions are provided based on our unique and specific experience of having efficiently dealt with this topic within specific exposures over many decades. Everything ACRI provides is based on extensive experience and evidence based results.

Read our ‘Child Safety Seats 101’ before you purchase a child restraint for any child


ACRI shares their many decades of service delivery collective experiences with every member. Authorised child restraint fitting stations (often referred to accredited restraint fitting stations) are everywhere it seems these days with many promoting child restraint installations. However, excellent service providers do much more than provide a good installation service. The description Child Passenger Safety Technician describes their service much more accurately. The promotion of child restraint fitting stations to provide an installation, over many decades in some states, has contributed to a false understanding of what parents need to focus on everyday.
It has little to do with any authorised fitting stations activities that will keep a child safe. All ACRI trainees are exposed to a completely different perspective than any other training system in Australia. We do not falsely create experts from a single training exposure, we train our practitioners to bring a new, wider perspective to any family about their everyday safe travel knowledge. We aim to empower parents not disadvantage them.
New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland are all catered for by our services. Family day care, automotive service, repair, new car sales, professional installation or fitting services, nannies, child care and Family and community services are all specialist areas. ACRI also caters for the challenging Car Rental industry.

What’s our aim?

ACRI specialises in sharing solutions for easy understanding of Child Safety Seat accreditation and all child restraint use issues. Improving child restraint safety for all of our littlest road users and making it easier for parents to satisfy themselves that they are doing it all correctly. Media articles from a variety of stakeholders have been used to highlight that parents ‘Have to use’ child restraints. However, such articles generally fail to explain what it is that an individual parent needs to focus on. As each family scenario is different for every child passenger’s situation, our training programs aim at making it a simpler process for everyone. No one can manage that which they are unaware of.
One example is that the general public are constantly being told that they need to use a child restraint, (ie: Capsule, chair, booster, toddler car seat, infant restraint combination restraint, convertible restraint etc:) or a Child Safety Seat accreditation because of the road rules. A fine is often mentioned, but that’s not why we need to use them. The road rule message doesn’t help anyone with the correct use a safety seat either.

Child restraint products need to be used to provide a safer environment for our smaller passengers who may either be;
1. At risk when using an inappropriate restraint system, such as a ‘Seat belt’or….
2. They’re under-developed physically and can benefit from specific injury protection devices and practices.
They are the reasons that child restraint systems need to be used. The Road rules are a ‘Big stick’ approach to force us to do something to protect our child passengers against the dynamics that we, as mere mortal road users are generally unaware. The road rules have never been the pinnacle of practices to aim for as they are a minimum safety approach.

Do we need child restraint road rules? Sadly yes, as they play a part in reminding us of what’s important to focus on. It’s just that we don’t often know how important.
Parents have been the victim of many poor messages stated or implied over the years, including that they couldn’t possibly do the installation themselves, they must rely on an ‘authorised’ installer. Every parent/carer should start their child restraint experience by getting familiar with their own restraint, gaining some understanding of how it should be used, which of course includes installation aspects. If they then have any doubt about the correct use of their child’s restraint then they should seek out assistance from someone who’s been trained on what the correct procedure is for helping others with the use of their restraint, which includes installation.

Correct child restraint use is not all about the installation. Secondly, it’s largely irrelevant who carries out the initial installation aspect, if the day to day user hasn’t been briefed on how to monitor the installation and how to correctly configure it, as it can become unsafe at any time.
ACRI providers are trained to empower parents and carers via their services and not create dependency. Check out our ‘Code of Practice’.


Check out our FAQ’s on Workplace Safety Seat use and Training

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