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The Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a member network specialising in providing individuals and organisations with the optimum level of Child Car Safety Seat training and support.

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We are determined to make a serious impact in child safety statistics by creating a learning environment that educates and empowers teams of technicians who are not only capable, but become advocates of child safety.
The ACRI Network services many industry sectors with Training, Advice and Support. Together we are building a nationwide network to deliver services in your industry!
ACRI has been operating for nearly 20 years and are the only national, membership accredited, child safety seat specialised training organisation in Australia. The network consists of a small amount of national founding members and over 300 active specialist organisations across the nation – and growing.
Join us and feel the difference.

Why Become Accredited With ACRI

ACRI accreditation means that service providers are trained and supported to the highest level for workplace exposure requirements. · Training · Credibility · Risk Management · Support & Promotional Opportunities · Product Support ·

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ACRI Would like to thank Infa Secure for supporting our new development programs - Legends!