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Program H - Car Rental Service Staff

Program H - Vehicle/Car Rental Service Staff Training

The hire industry has its own unique challenges, and out of these custom requests a new training program specifically for car rental companies has been born. Addressing issues like customer management, documentation, fleet purchasing and equipment maintenance your teams will be ready to serve the public with confidence.
This training program can be completed in Face to Face or Digital formats, with the ultimate setup being the hybrid program of developing Internal Trainers for your organisation. We can help develop your Internal Trainer who can be responsible for the Practical component of the training, while we take responsibility for the theory training of your teams keeping them up to date with Australian Standards and industry best practice guidelines – This setup makes onboarding new team members incredibly efficient and should be an automatic component included in your onboarding programs.

Suitable For

Vehicle Hire/Lease Companies


Digital or Face to Face

Estimated Time

6 Hrs – Digital, 4 Hrs - F2F


Provided on Completion

Our Membership

Become a member of the most trusted network of Child Seat Technicians in Australia and you wont just become another number, you’ll be a valued part of the future of child safe travel in Australia. The Network is filled with engineers, field technicians, manufacturers, government organisations, health workers and more so you wont be on your own.


Membership Package $2397

($350/yr renewal including audits)

Face 2 Face Training

(Group Booking)
$ 1695
  • 10% Multi Session Discount
  • Certificates Provided (Up to 10 trainees per session)
  • Post Training Overview Report

Internal Trainer Package

$ 2397
  • Includes Face to Face Training Session (Up to 10 Certificates)
  • 12 Month Corporate Membership, including all support features
  • Digital Program A TTT (For your first Internal Trainer)
  • Team Accreditation
  • Find A Provider Listing
  • Heavily Discounted Policy Development
  • Corporate Branding
Best Support

Digital Training Only

$ 195
  • Enrol yourself, or your team for a digital training program
  • ($165 Member Price)