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prisons - Correctional facilities

Program B - for prisons, correctional facilities STaff

Program C is specifically designed for government & correctional environments that perform child transport services. Program C is  available in both Face 2 Face and Digital training formats. This training has been developed to not only train your teams in accordance to Australian Standards and industry best practice guidelines, but to minimise your teams’ risk exposure, create incredibly efficient processes and coupled with a membership it’ll provide amazing support for your teams. If you’d like the most cost effective solution with rapid onboarding then your organisation should consider the program that builds your own inhouse trainers coupled with ACRI’s theory training for your teams.

Suitable For

Gov Orgs, Prisons, Correctional


Digital or Face to Face

Estimated Time

6 Hrs – Digital, 4 Hrs - F2F


Provided on Completion

Police check

All ACRI Trainers are Police Checked

working with children check

ACRI Trainers hold current Blue Cards

Our Membership

Become a member of the most trusted network of Child Seat Technicians in Australia and you wont just become another number, you’ll be a valued part of the future of child safe travel in Australia. The Network is filled with engineers, field technicians, manufacturers, government organisations, health workers and more so you wont be on your own.


Membership Packages

($350/yr renewal including audits)

Face 2 Face Training

(Group Booking)
$ 1695
  • 10% Multi Session Discount
  • Certificates Provided (Up to 10 trainees per session)
  • Post Training Overview Report

Internal Trainer Program

$ 2397
  • One Face 2 Face Training Session
  • Includes 1 Digital Program A TTT (Train the Trainer) For Your Internal Trainer
  • 12m Corporate Membership
  • Team Accreditation and Support
  • Heavily Discounted Policy Development Program
Best Support

Digital Training Only

$ 195
  • Per as many team members as you need, Member price $165
  • To empower your team with success it is a requirement for your organisation to hold a Corporate Membership ($350/yr) to provide ongoing support and training for your team with Digital Programs


All training certificates remain current for a period of 2 years from the date of completion.  Refresher courses have been introduced to minimise the cost for an organisation’s teams to remain current, while keeping team members up to date with any changes in guidelines, standards or policies.

To help with redundancy, it’s recommend to place as many potential Internal Trainers in your organisation as possible through a Live training course so they understand what a training session should look like.  These sessions are powerful, full of information that will be beneficial for them, and post training they’ll be able to spend some time with the ACRI trainer to develop a plan to help your organisation move forward.

Yes, specifically they’ll have access to Program D which is cut down program specifically covering the potential dangers, installations process and resources available.  This program includes both a live Slide Show presentation and an assessment program, although recommended neither of these are compulsory to use and many organisations use the slideshow presentation during their onboarding.

Yes, they must either attend an ACRI live training event, or a subsequent event from one of your Internal Trainers that have experienced a live training event.  All internal trainers *must* complete ACRI’s Digital Training the Trainer Program as well, which is included with the Internal Trainer package for free.

Must all of my organisation’s everyday staff complete ACRI’s Digital training program

This is at the discretion of the organistion, as it’s their responsibility to meet their relevant obligations.  It is worth noting that any organisation that chooses to train their team without having their team members individually complete the relevant Digital component must ensure they;

  1. Include components in the theory covering both Australian Standards and Best Practice guidelines AND
  2. Attain and retain evidence of each individual’s demonstration of an understanding of these practices as well as an acknowledgement that they will abide by these practices.

This will help minimise the risk of exposure to the organisation and the reason why ACRI requires all team members performing installations or conducting activities relating to child transport complete Program B Digital at a minimum.  ACRI retains this data on a currency register, and also sets reminders for refresher programs at the appropriate times for each individual team member.