Published: September 2023- The new AS 5384:2023 standard sets out comprehensive requirements for the design, construction, performance, labeling, and packaging of accessories used with seat belts in motor vehicles. This includes devices like harnesses, vests for postural support, and pet restraints, ensuring they meet rigorous safety and performance criteria.

Key Provisions:

  1. Design and Construction: The standard specifies the necessary design and construction requirements to ensure the accessories are safe and effective. This includes materials used, durability, and the ability to withstand foreseeable misuse​.
  2. Performance Testing: AS 5384 mandates dynamic testing procedures to assess the performance of these accessories during crashes, ensuring they provide the intended protection without failure​.
  3. Labeling and Packaging: Clear guidelines are provided for labeling and packaging, ensuring that consumers receive essential information about the correct usage and limitations of these products. This includes language requirements, print size, and durability of labels .
  4. Special Provisions for Disabilities and Pets: The standard includes specific requirements for postural support devices designed for occupants with disabilities and restraints designed for pets, ensuring their safety during travel .



This standard represents a significant advancement in road safety, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children, people with disabilities, and pets. By setting these rigorous guidelines, AS 5384 aims to enhance the overall safety and reliability of seat belt accessories, thereby reducing the risk of injury in the event of a crash​.