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It’s now about eight years since the ‘Inflatable Seat Belt’ (ISB) began travelling the roads of the world, in Australia at least since 2015. Like so many technological innovations they are generally invisible to the everyday user. Even long term owners of such vehicles are often unaware of the technology that’s patiently waiting to help protect them if and when the need arises.

Of course that’s a part of the genius, to be invisible, unobtrusive and yet ever ready. Car manufacturers labour away at making such technologies affordable, practical and above all reliable. There is no more important area for ensuring reliability than in regard to occupant safety equipment.  For those who are unaware, the Ford ISB (currently featured in the Australian Ford Mondeo) takes the form of a Lap Sash (ie: Three point) seat belt that has an inertia reel retractor for the lap section as well as the sash section of belt. This means that the seat belt webbing extends from both the lower and upper ends when extended to reach around a passenger. Such a design ensures that the sash section crossing the passenger’s torso (which is the inflatable part), can be reliably positioned every time.

NB: Confirm all road rule queries with your State road authority.

Travelling with children.

Check in advance with travel agents, airlines and your accommodation for child-friendly suggestions.

Children have short attention spans and get tired very quickly.Make sure there will be enough family events and child-oriented activities to keep them amused while away.   Children have short attention spans and get tired very quickly.
Make sure there will be enough family events and child-oriented activities to keep them amused while away.

When the vehicle’s air bag system is activated a compressed gas cylinder, mounted under the vehicles seat, discharges through the buckle connector and expands the upper belt section to approx 200mm diameter.

Child Restraint
Child Restraint


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