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Program A T1 Professional – 2023 Refresher


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This program is designed for Child Seat Technicians in Professional Environments who have already completed the Program A T1 in the last two years and are looking for refresher training to maintain their workplace compliance policy.  This program covers the latest best practice guidelines, Australian Standards, leadership expectations and introduces procedures designed to increase efficiency, reduced mistakes, and promoting general excellence.  After completion of this program your Child Seat Technician will have access to resources that will help them excel in their position as an installer.


Welcome to the Program A/Type 1 training program for Professional Environments.

Designed for: Individuals looking to become Professional Technicians or Installers.

During this course you will be exposed to different best practice guidelines, Australian Standards, workplace practices and blah while introducing introducing procedures designed to increase efficiency, reduced mistakes, and promoting general excellence in the child safe transport industry.

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NB: ACRI has committed to using the globally accepted description of ‘Safety Seat’ as opposed to ‘Child Restraint’, of which they are referred to or known as in the Australian Standards and Road Rules. Not all references of Child Restraint can be eliminated at this stage, so please accept both descriptions as meaning the same throughout this course. The main reason that ACRI has taken this stance is that ‘Safety Seat’ sends a constant reminder that this is the only purpose of these products, to improve safe travel environments. A factor that is often missed and contributes in no small part toward the misunderstanding and misuse of these products across our communities.