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Anti Tamper Labels


Anti Tamper Label X 100

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Anti Tamper label to guard against inadvertent interference with the seat belt and or gated buckle installation.

Inadvertent seat belt disconnection is a major risk to ongoing safety and or perceptions to safety. Any tampering with an original installation is also a major risk to you as the service provider and also your reputation.

This sticker assists with:

A reminder to clients that they need to be careful of any activity around the seat belt buckle.

Providing a telltale if the seatbelt has been tampered with, post any installation service.

  • It has a tear off section to keep on your receipt record, so you can be sure that used it as part of the service.
  • It does not inhibit emergency release.
  • It can not be removed and reapplied without being damaged, so it works for the service provider 24/7.

Supplied in rolls of 100.

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