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Press Releases


1.  Alternative belt path for convertible booster seat – model V92010– refer to G seat MC Alternative belt path attachment.

The new alternative belt path avoids looping the seat belt around the arm rests.

The new alternative belt path should be used were Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) seat belts (locking seatbelts) are present in the vehicle.

2.  Note for vehicles with Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) in regards to Convertible Booster seats – model GMA2010 and GM2010.

Note: Models can be identified by referring to the barcode sticker located on the car seat.

ACRI Internal release:


Maxi Cosi (Baby Carrier) Thanks to Michael DiRago from Kids’n’Cars (VIC) for bringing this to our attention. This situation is becoming quite common. Installers of the above product can be inadvertently caught up in rumours of poor installation feedback from clients.  The problem occurs due to the base angle adjustment ‘release button’ being in close proximity to the lift out section ‘release button’. So that the base angle is released and the tension of the seat belt lap section that was done correctly by the installer becomes loose.  On discovering this some follow up installers find it an excellent opportunity to cast dispersions on the original installer.?  This example shows how important it is to ensure that the owner understands the operation of the the unit and also invite them to contact you, as the original installer, if there is any query arises after service.


Thanks to active ACRI member Peter from ‘Car Safe Kids’ we have been alerted that S’N’S have an instructional video that shows the incorrect installation of a gated buckle on their website. (Relating to the Maxi Rider ‘Protecta harness’ instructions) This contradicts other instructional advice for this device.

We have notified the company and are awaiting advice on how they would wish us to respond to this conflicting information.