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Where can I buy a Seat Belt Extender?

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Where can I buy a Seat Belt Extender?

Aftermarket/Online/Internet/Unsubstantiated suppliers

The public will often refer to a website, or an international supplier – As an ACRI Network Member you should not use or recommend these sources as there is no evidence they comply with appropriate Australian Standards or recommendations.

Legitimate Manufacturers

ARFA – Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia
Not only is this awesome crew a long standing Australian owned, mutli-generation, family business but they are also valued Founding Members of the ACRI network with a long time association. Now in their second generation of leadership this crew are your essential resource in this industry, supplying stock items as well as a vast specialist items you will not find anywhere else – including items for special needs. They are the only manufacturer in Australia we are aware of that distribute three types of gated buckles. ACRI Member ID: 12 0051 P

Website: http://automotiverestraints.com.au/home.php
Email: orders@arfa.com.au
Phone: 1800 20 70 92
Requirements: Only supply authorised fitting stations, requires an ABN – Mention you are an ACRI network member, along with your current member number.

Seat Belt King


Website: https://www.seatbeltking.com.au/
Phone: 1300 871 150


1521 Hume Hwy. Campbellfield. VIC 3061. (03) 9355 5721

Hemco Industries.

Ballarat Victoria

Other National Chains:


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