Any ACRI membership having had at least one current staff member who has successfully completed an ACRI training program ‘A’ level (AT1-PROF or A-TTT’) and having pledged to abide with the ACRI Code of Practice and carry appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance are deemed an Accredited ACRI member.

Individuals can claim accreditation with ACRI if they:

Are employed by an ACRI accredited member, provided they have…

  • Successfully completed the ACRI Program ‘A’ training course.
  • Are working daily in a related service field.
  • Continued access to ACRI Bulletin updates and Newsletters.
  • Pledged to abide to the ACRI Code of Practice

ACRI members can hold an accredited member status for the workplace exposure they maintain. Eg: Workplace trainer – Automotive service centre etc:

Common Misperceptions:

Despite the regular use of descriptions such as ‘licensed’, ‘approved’, ‘qualified’ and ‘authorised’ to promote Child Safety Seat service providers, there is no legal requirement* in any state of Australia that a service provider has to have any affiliation or training at all for installing a Child Car Safety Seat system.

This is why ACRI was originally formed: To professionalise an activity that is largely treated with complacency at all levels of exposure**.  ACRI can provide anyone, anywhere, appropriate workplace training, awareness and support, without exclusion or commercial bias.



*NB: Authority exception may relate in some states to engineering modifications of vehicles.

** About complacency:

Of 825 ACRI training requests collated, it was found…

  • 83% believed that showing learners how ‘to fit’ one make and model Safety Seat will, apply for all.
  • 76% believed that Safety Seats are so easy that it would only take two hours to effectively train a room full of staff to proficiently deal with any passenger safety environment.
  • 85% believed that staff who are already parents know how to use them correctly and are experienced enough for appropriate workplace decisions / practices.
  • 95% believed that the vehicles all have the same equipment and are not a part of difficult to use, misuse aspects.

And yet….

For over 20 years a 75%+ Child Car Safety Seat misuse statistic has been regularly reported.

Clearly the right messages about what constitutes a Safe environment are not getting through.

A Safe Travel environment is not rocket science, but there’s much more to consider than most people recognise.  ACRI considers them all.