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Individuals can claim accreditation with ACRI if they:

ACRI members can hold an “Accredited Member Status” for the workplace exposure they maintain and ensuring they meet the following criteria.

  • Successfully completed the ACRI Program training course relevant to their industry .
  • Are working daily in a related service field.
  • Undergo annual self assessment
  • Complete bi annual professional development
  • Hold active ACRI Membership.
  • Hold appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance 
  • Pledged to abide to the ACRI Code of Practice

Common Misperceptions:

Despite the regular use of descriptions such as ‘licensed’, ‘approved’, ‘qualified’ and ‘authorised’ to promote Child Safety Seat service providers, there is no legal requirement* in any state of Australia that a service provider has to have any affiliation or training at all for installing a Child Car Safety Seat system.
This is why ACRI was originally formed: To professionalise an activity that is largely treated with complacency at all levels of exposure**. ACRI can provide anyone, anywhere, appropriate workplace training, awareness and support, without exclusion or commercial bias.


*NB: Authority exception may relate in some states to engineering modifications of vehicles.
** About complacency:
Of 825 ACRI training requests collated, it was found…
And yet….…
For over 20 years a 75%+ Child Car Safety Seat misuse statistic has been regularly reported.

Clearly the right messages about what constitutes a Safe environment are not getting through.

A Safe Travel environment is not rocket science, but there’s much more to consider than most people recognise. ACRI considers them all.