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RUCQR Belt Clamp


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The CQR-ME Belt Clamp is a modern and sleek accessory belt clamp. It locks the lap portion of your lap & sash seat belt in place. As a result, this maintains a secure installation when used with a child safety seats with an inbuilt harness.

The design of the clamp allows for a super fast and hassle free installation in most vehicles, as long as there is enough space between the tongue buckle and the child seat.

The clamp can also be used to prevent the seat belt inertia reel from retracting while you neatly follow the belt pathway of the child seat.


  • Belt Clamp can be used on the retractor end of the seat belt when fully extended to aid the technician feeding the seat belt through the belt pathway, preventing the seat belt from retracting.
  • After appropriately tensioning the seat belt, ensuring there are no twists in the pathway, remove the CQR-ME belt-clamp from the retractor end of the seat belt and lock into place on the desired position along the belt on the buckle side of the child safety seat.
  • Designed and tested to be used on both;
    • The sash portion of the belt only, directly above the tongue-buckle
    • Lap and sash portion of the belt together, directly above the tongue-buckle
  • This clamp should not be used on the opposite side

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