For the uninitiated, the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo is a huge event with around 15,000 -20,000 people* visiting over three days. Most attendees are new or soon-to-be parents looking for good information, good products and services.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working these Expo’s alongside the ACRI stand where we’ve had a seat rig display along with a selection of restraints. This alone generated a good amount of interest. It was hard work at times, but overall my experience at the Expo was extremely satisfying. The people we spoke to were receptive to our message and learned a lot from our perspectives and anecdotes on what purchase would suit their needs best and how they should use their own products. I came away feeling I’d truly made a difference in getting the safety message out there.

For those of you that can make it to an ACRI training and or community event, I thoroughly recommend you spend some time doing it. You’ll meet some great people, pick up a few customers and also feel good about your contribution to kid’s safety. As an added bonus you’ll also have some good one-on-one time with ACRI staff. This was a great opportunity to share experiences and perhaps learn some new tricks along the way.

If you can get a chance to participate with the ACRI at a PBC Expo, join in. You won’t regret it!