Thank you for your terrific delivery of the ACRI course. Despite dreary weather, late arrivals and no doubt a hectic week, you kept the day light and entertaining throughout. I found the course content pertinent, helpful and in some cases quite eye-opening. I have been installing/checking seats for my own three children over the last 12 years and realise now that I have been certainly under qualified for the position. I really enjoyed the anecdotes, I find this a terrific way to learn, and also that the trainer repeated the really important stuff throughout the day. The contact names and restraint information provided has proved invaluable, as are the new associations we made on the day. I leave the course with a whole new attitude to each car journey I make. Doing up car seats/adjustments are no longer the time-waster I had mistakenly imagined them to bit be. Now it’s the most important part of the journey. I hope in our business we can pass some of this new found understanding to our clients.

I look forward to a long association with ACRI.