Thanks very much for the ACRI training. Having done courses before I’m really impressed by what I learned, it’s a great course much better than I had anticipated. I’m really glad I attended as it has given me lots of new knowledge and confidence. Thanks again, I’m really glad I’m an ACRI member.

More recently I participated in evaluating the ACRI online Program ‘A’ training course for my staff and really enjoyed renewing my knowledge on client care ie:- how to proceed with appropriate pre-fitting questions, how to impart the key information post-installation and to have permission to say “I need to look into this further”. The range of topics was great, covering all aspects of what I do every day as a restraint professional. I feel well informed across the broad landscape that this job covers. There was plenty of info in each introduction to the units. And it was easy to use. I found it an absolute bonus that I could work at my own pace in my own office and not be affected by other participants in a group. I also appreciated that I did not have to wait for a scheduling to ‘get into a session’ that doesn’t eventuate.