An engineers view of the ACRI online training program ‘A’: “Even though I’ve been at the sharp end of child restraint design & development for nearly 30 years now, I am still learning new things about child safety in cars. No matter how well or how simple they are designed, it nearly always comes down to how well they are installed with regards the child’s safety in a crash situation. From the manufacturers’ side of the coin, we make every effort to create the best and safest restraints possible.

However, sometimes the gap between a good restraint and a restraint that is easy to use, can be unintentionally greater than envisaged. This sometimes leads to situations where restraint and vehicle equipment are just simply incompatible. Delving into the restraint fitter’s world has opened my eyes to some of the dilemmas they face and this program covers these aspects in a simple, easy to understand way. What it also does well is to push home the need to be professional, open and honest, and not be afraid to say “No” to a customer when things don’t look right, because at the end of the day, it’s a child’s life at stake.

The ACRI training is one of the most concise online training programs I have come across, and can only compliment them on the way it has been designed in order to explain and force home the importance of understanding what child safety in the car is all about and how it should be achieved in a professional manner. Every effort has been made to make the complicated become simpler. The information available during the training program is great and above all, up to date. While there is no replacement for hands on experience, and dedicated practice is an absolute necessity, having a good grounding on the principles of this profession is paramount.

ACRI values ‘hands on’ experience highly, but also realises that the variety of integrations that a service provider is likely to be exposed to are infinite. They promote the understanding that every child safety scenario is unique and should be treated as such. Couple this with knowledge of the vast varieties of vehicle and restraint product mechanical’s and systems reinforces that each must be attended to independently at each incremental exposure.

Such experience cannot be achieved in any classroom over any number of days. Underlining the need to brief parents during the service process on how to use the restraint correctly is also a simple, yet very important part of keeping the child and service provider protected everyday. These messages are all made clear within the training program. In my dealings with the people at ACRI, they are always willing to listen and take on advice at every opportunity, which helps make them an organisation worthy of the important task of training, assessing and supporting professional child restraint service providers. Their philosophy on the merits of effective communications should not to be ignored, and above all, they are always there for support.”