Training & Auditing

As a financial ACRI member you may have direct access to training programs that you’ve been granted access to. This will depend on your level of membership. Click here to purchase extra training programs.

Our training programs are primarily but not solely, accessible on-line. If you wish to organise a ‘front of class’ group training – click here to schedule a group training session..

If you wish to have access to more training enrolments than your current membership permits then you can purchase additional training enrolments through our online store or you can submit an enquiry.

For Training:

As each member entity may require one or more individuals to be trained, individual access Username/Passwords must be allocated for each enrolee. Simply purchase the number of enrolments in the programs of your choice you require from the ACRI  online store. Once the order is received we’ll send out their U: P: details they can access the required course by clicking here and then selecting the specific course from their menu dashboard.

For Retail Service provision Auditing: (Professional members)

ACRI members can update their business ‘Last Audited Status: NB: Our automated Professional Audit is temporarily out of action please email a request for this service.

Professional Business Audit
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