The Australian Child restraint Resource Initiative is a member organisation developed by technicians who have worked in the field of passenger safety and service provision for decades.

ACRI takes pride in providing the highest quality training and network support possible. To us, it is not only about our training quality. We also help providers get a total understanding of their service environment and what is constantly required to keep reputations, theirs and ours protected.

ACRI was developed because there was little consistency and support in most Australian States on offer to service providers charged with the responsibility of assisting parents, community and workplaces with child transit solutions. Only two Australian States had a system at all, both being exclusive or not offering specialised training program for specific sector needs.  ACRI is inclusive, open to anyone prepared to make the commitment for change.

To developed, design and deliver effective child passenger safety training programs and ongoing support resources that are second to none, for workplaces of all kinds.

As no two child transit scenarios are ever exactly the same, a progressive and effective support system is paramount in providing and future proofing quality service provisions.

ACRI unique resources include:

  • A variety of Safety Seat Service – Record keeping formats
  • Safety Seat Auditing recording format
  • Online – Anytime specialised training programs
  • Anti-Tamper labels and Follow up checklist cards

Web services for Parents as well as Service providers

We are proud to be:

  • The first training provider to pioneer and develop multiple Child Safety Seat training courses accredited through the National Training Framework system. (NB: ACRI no longer participates in the NTF system, as it was unsustainable and unsuitable for the specialist levels we offer)
  • The largest trainer of professional child safety seat service providers in Australia.
  • The only support network that provides a full catalogue of service support tools, such as stationary choices, service facilitation devices and insurance cover.
  • A training provider that can deliver professional level courses anywhere, anytime and economically.

An affiliate organisation that can enhance service provider knowledge and quality industry – client relationships.

On average, annual ACRI membership costs as little as an overnight stay in a city hotel.

Stand out – demonstrate your commitment.

The benefits of affiliation are well known to business environments.

ACRI affiliation provides:

Networking – Resource sharing – Credibility enhancement – Industry specific training updates

In the child passenger safety arena, post training technical support is often required and affiliation facilitates resourcing and distributing solutions and satisfying workplace practices.

Sorry, ACRI cannot help with a State government affiliation. We suggest you contact your State Road Authority, as each State manages this differently.